Monday, October 6, 2014

En français, s'il vous plâit!

Hello Friends,

We have just returned from a month in rural Burgundy, France where (surprise) I took loads of photos. From 2000 + I've edited them down to around 70. Click on this link if you want to see the whole album of edited pics...     France photos

Colin doesn't really get my interest in cemeteries, (although he happily went looking for them with me)... well I don't fully understand it, either.... but I was really drawn to them. Every small village has its own graveyard, some of them very old, most of them set high on a hill. I think I like the dramatic settings. I guess it's nice to have something to pursue when doing other things on holiday.

I had intended to do lots of Photoshop while I was away, but alas friends, wine, food, hiking all got in the way. :) So that's next on the photo agenda.

Hope some of you get the cemetery thing...