Sunday, January 5, 2014

Let's go exploring together...

I was with a small group of friends on New Year’s Eve musing about what 2014 might bring for us. I said that this was the year I was going to find some kind of focus for my photography. I was quickly reminded that I’ve said that before and then was challenged to actually do something about it.  I love a challenge!

See what I mean?
You may have heard me compare myself to a photographic hummingbird… moving quickly from one pretty flower (or interest) to another.  Am I into macro, portraits, landscapes, urban street, nature, long exposures, minimalist, architecture, abstract, travel or sports? Yes, yes and yes – all of the above and more. It seems I have a twitchy photographer’s eye – always roving and finding interesting stuff to click.

So here’s my idea. I’m going to write this blog as a way to organize and share my thoughts and images, as I figure out where I want to go photographically.  I realize that this is an extremely egotistical thing to do, but one thing I have discovered is that I work better with an audience and feedback. (I’m just being honest, here.) So I’m hoping that you might be interested enough to come along.

In return, I’ll try to make my posts interesting or educational or entertaining or all three. I will post images, of course. After all I am a photographer. And yes, I definitely do want feedback/comments/discussion because this is an important part of the journey. Oh, and I won't be one of those bloggers who bother you every day. I'll just post when I have something to say. And this project won't go beyond 2014, so you're not signing on for life.

Here’s how you can participate (or not). If you sign up by putting your email in the box labelled Follow by Email (right side, follow instructions) you’ll find out when I add a post to the blog. You are free to read it (or not) and comment (or not) or unsubscribe (or not). That's it!

And if you want to get started on the comment part, click on the pencil at the bottom of the page. Tell me:
  • if you think this a good idea or kind of lame
  • what would make the blog interesting for you
Well... thanks for reading this far, anyway. Hope to hear from you...



  1. Sounds like a great idea -- can't wait to see what you're up to!

  2. It's always a good idea to get commentary on one's creative work. I'd be interested in keeping up with you but there doesn't seem to be a way to subscribe to your blog?

    1. Did the follow by email sign up work for you, now?... J

  3. Judi, I am happy to participate and help you! Perhaps, we can go to the Galapagos Islands in December and you can experiment with your nature photography. Sound good?