Monday, August 1, 2016

New Ideas for a Show - IDEA #1: Leading Lines

Hello Friends,

I know that it's been ages since I've posted here but my friend Julie reminded me last night that I do have a few followers, so here I go again!!

I'm hoping that I can put together another gallery show for early 2017 and have some ideas about content and themes. As ever, so happy to receive your comments, critiques etc.. Best sent to me by email since I've never really got the comments section of the blog working...

One of my ideas is to put together a collection of landscapes from several trips. I was quite interested to notice how many of these photos use leading lines as a compositional  element and how pleasing I find these elements... so this is one idea.

Rather than re-post the images on the blog, I already have 10 images and an Artists' Statement on Flickr so you can click on the link BELOW and check them out there...  Here's one image to pique your interest... (granted, it's not a travel image... )

Thanks again ...  more ideas to come... !!  Here's that link to the rest of the images.


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