Sunday, February 16, 2014

Back from Calgary and its big skies and bright sunshine

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I took a break from this blog while grand-parenting in Calgary over the last week. I wondered whether perhaps I was blogging too intensely anyway since I heard from so few people after my last post. Please know that I do really appreciate your comments and feedback and you can email me if you can't make the comments thingy work. (I'm trying not to sound too pathetic and desperate, here!)

To find an upside to Alberta's freezing cold and to take a more project-based approach to my picture-taking, I decided to focus on the winter prairies near Calgary. For three days, after dropping Emmy at daycare, Colin and I drove out of the city, seeking interesting landscapes. I certainly didn't need all the lenses, tripods, filters etc because I was more grateful for my gloves than any other piece of equipment. Just too cold to be fancy. 

Below is a small sampling of what I captured. I'm interested in whether you think this type of work might be appealing enough for a show or other type of commercial use (like stock). Or is it too much like everyone's prairie scenes? What suggestions do you have for how to use these types of images... and there are lots more where these came from. I had a busy three days! 

Of course this still doesn't answer the burning question about what kind of photographer I want to be, but at least it's a project and I may be getting closer. And I do like the simplicity of this type of image.....  Hello out there.... :) Please comment below, or email me. Thanks. 









  1. Hi Judi,
    What beautiful pictures!!! I particularly enjoyed #4 and #5.... it was the colours.... especially #4 with the beautiful snow covered bush and the windswept- look of the blue sky. To me , it signified peace.
    Sorry my comments aren't more sophisticated!!! But if you wanted sophistication you wouldn't have asked me!!

  2. Hello out there indeed! Like Carol, I think #4 and #5 are the best - more interesting than the others (and I also like the trees that you sent me). It's tricky, I don't know if it's show material - I've been to so few exhibitions; I think they might work as commercial use, if that's for things like hanging in hotel rooms - be good in hot climate hotels, an antidote to the weather. But personally, overall I think they are not interesting enough, sorry, too peaceful perhaps, maybe it's the snow, not fond of snow!! I much prefer you people and place photos, much more striking/interesting. Hoping this is constructive criticism/comment ... with apologies, Sue