Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I haven't been blogging but I've been taking photos and....

thinking about focus....  not camera focus, but the kind of focus that made me start the blog in the first place. 

Meantime, I hope you missed me because I missed you. We've been travelling in the South Eastern US and Washington DC, so I have been making pictures. (See below.)

I think I've finally reached some conclusions about my photographic work....

  • It's OK to have different photographic interests as long as I don't get so scattered that nothing hangs together. A few concurrent projects is OK. 
  • I need to spend more time sharing (some might call this marketing). 
  • So from now on I'm going to be entering more competitions, submitting images for stock websites, updating my own website more often, creating small projects like photo cards and looking to have my work shown in more venues.

And now that I and you know where I'm headed.... I'd be happy to receive more ideas from you on how and where to share my work. Short of spending every weekend at a market stall, all ideas can be on the table. 

So, about the US trip. We visited some wonderful historic sites and of course, there's nothing like Washington, DC. The Americans seem to know how to do museums very well. I haven't finished ploughing through the 1500 +/- images that were left after the first cut, but these portraits from Virginia's Colonial Williamsburg seemed to emerge as a nice little grouping. 

After you've finished looking at the photos, I've posed a couple of questions for you.

I kind of think these are more interesting travel photos than just buildings or museums. Do you agree?

Aside from posting these pictures on this blog, or my website, what else could I do with them? These people genuinely work at their trades within this living museum and are happy to be photographed....BUT...  I don't have model releases for them, so I can't sell them to a stock photo site. (I don't think.) 

Would anyone be interested in or even care about these photos? Or are they just a more satisfying way to take travel photos?

OK.. folks, your turn!! If it works for you, you can use the Comments section at the end of this page. Otherwise, some of you have kindly sent me emails with your feedback. Let the discussion begin!! And thanks... 


  1. I absolutely adore the photo of the figure in the red cape (?) on the bench. Beautiful. And also the handsome young man in the tricorn hat.
    No ideas yet about their use/marketing but I'll keep that in my brain.
    Well done, Judi!

  2. Mary... thanks so much for your input and feedback on the images. Which Mary are you?

  3. I think the first image is most successful for me, Judi. The light and the shadows are v.good, the compositional contrast of the rigid grid against the ample soft curves of the figure's costume work so well visually, and best of all, the subdued palette of her costume and the snowy scene serves to unify. Now if you had asked her not to smile!!! but perhaps she is thinking not of the pie she just baked but of what she is going to do after work. Its a keeper. Kathleen

  4. OK, on second look, it is a maybe overexposed sunny day outside, but my mind read it as a snowy day. Still like the way it turned out.

  5. You read it correctly, K... It was a snowy day outside.... but maybe not that snowy! See the image of the two women acting out a scene... Yes, that's snow!! Appreciate the critique from your practiced eye.